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About me

The Start Somewhere Journey


Start Somewhere was founded out of my own journey for better health. After decades of digestive issues, hormonal and blood sugar imbalances, migraines and just not feeling my best, I decided it was time to take my health into my own hands. After many years of training and studying functional health and nutrition, I am here to help YOU feel your best and get back to living the life YOU desire!

Whether you are feeling pain, have been given a diagnosis, want to lose that stubborn weight, or simply want to improve your physical and mental health, Start Somewhere provides individualized plans to help you on your healing journey in a safe and friendly environment.

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"All disease begins in the gut."

Father of Modern Medicine

I want to know how I can start somewhere to feeling my best!

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I work with clients with all kinds of health challenges from digestive issues to autoimmune disorders to migraines to weight loss resistance to diabetes to depression and everything in between. No matter where you live, I will work with you in a safe, friendly atmosphere via secure tele-health communication. One size does NOT fit all so we work together to identify the root cause of your issues and develop an individualized plan just for YOU!

Stomach Ache

Digestive Issues

Digestive issues are a huge problem for many people today. I help my clients get to the cause of their issues and shift the terrain in which these problems occur with uniquely targeted diet and lifestyle modifications. People come to me when nothing else has worked!

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Stubborn Weight Loss/Hormonal Issues

When you've tried every "diet" out there and just can't seem to get that stubborn weight off or keep it off, we dig deep to see why your body is holding onto that weight. Reducing chronic inflammation going on inside your body and balancing both your blood sugar and your hormones, can help get that weight off naturally and stay off for good!

Sleep Mask

Sleeping Issues

There are several reasons why so many of us don't get restorative sleep as we age, but it doesn't have to be that way! I work with clients to help them get that critical 7-9 hours of restful sleep each night which, in turn, helps their bodies heal in several other areas (our bodies repair themselves at night).


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